Benefits of Large Format Prints

Large format prints are the easiest signs to read. Pair them with a well-spaced, sans-serif font, and you’ll give customers the best possible directions.

Some people hear large format and think these signs are the equivalent of your grandparents’ supersized phones with the extra big buttons (in other words, ugly). That’s far from true in the world of signage, especially if you work with an expert designer who knows how to bring out the luxe simplicity in these signs. However, just like any type of signage, there’s a time and place for everything.

The biggest upside to large format is of course that they’re easy to spot and easy to read. They naturally stand out because they’re created to be the largest text in a given area. If you want to make sure everyone can find your booth in a trade show sea, going large is a good idea. Often, these signs also feature bold, bright or dark lettering against a contrasting background to really make them pop.

Is Bigger Really Better?

But going larger isn’t always the best strategy. For example, if you have a delicate, small boutique selling handmade lavender items, a large format print might look out of place. Match your signage to the environment and what you want to achieve.

Large format prints are statement makers, and that’s not always the strategy you’re going for. If you don’t have a strong marketing department (or one at all), a professional signage company and designer can help you decide the type of formatting that’s best for your needs.

Another benefit is that it’s great for directional signage. If your sole goal is to tell people where to go, such as signage for a marathon route, a bigger format is a must. You don’t want someone getting lost, turning down the wrong street, or not understanding your directions. Large formats can certainly serve a single purpose: Get people where they need to go.

A Timeless Choice

Trends tend to happen in the little details, and not so much in the big classics. Large format prints, especially if they’re mostly text, will withstand the test of time. This is critical for businesses on a budget or those looking for long-term signage.

If you want a sign that will last for years, never look dated and always pack a punch, going bigger is a safer bet. Save the smaller, trendier signage for one-time or seasonal events. Large format prints are a better choice for clearance signs (basic, without date details), annual announcement signs or recurring themes.

However, one challenge is knowing how big is too big. It can be pretty hard to figure out what a sign will actually look like in your business, especially if you have a particularly small or large space. A signage professional can help you select the actual size for your needs, so connect with a large format pro who can help size you up in no time.

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